“The only way to truly understand the struggles of a particular community, and help make change, is to experience the daily lifestyle of the people.”

                                                                                                                           -Kevin Padrez

                                                                                                                                                    2007 & 2009 GHP volunteer


Volunteer Testimonial

I believe under-served populations deserve every opportunity for quality healthcare, and I want very much to be a part of that process.  The Global Healthcare Project is very dedicated to making a difference in the lives of other and for that reason, I am very excited to take part in the program.  I have a strong interest in public health and hope to eventually become a doctor, so this program is a great opportunity for e to gain some truly valuable experience working with patients.  I hope to make a lasting impact on the overall health of the community and on the individual lives of those I work with.

Sarah Mummah

Stanford University Student


Thank you to our previous Public Health Aide volunteers.  GHP  could not have implemented our programs in Guatemala without you!

GHP Public Health Aides will live with an indigenous Mayan family during the 4-week program (alternative housing option available). Your host family will provide a bed, 2-3 meals a day, purified (boiled) water, and weekly laundry services (hand wash only).  Families are equipped with running water, electricity, and a latrine (bathroom).




Global Healthcare Project prides itself on its Public Health Field Expeditions offered in the June/July months in Guatemala.   This experience is like no other; volunteers gain real medical and public health knowledge, live with a Guatemalan family and volunteer 8 hours each week day assisting with medical consultations, developing and implementing GHP projects, and facilitating disease awareness and prevention classes for the surrounding communities.  GHP also coordinates Discovery Day Trips for volunteers to participate in and get a sense of the local culture. 

    Since 2006, GHP has led groups of Public Health Aide volunteers to the small Mayan indigenous community of Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala. 

    In 2012, GHP will continue ambulance management efforts in Pueblo Nuevo, Guatemala and expand Public Health efforts to Livingston, Guatemala.  We are currently excepting applications for Pueblo Nuevo and Livingston programs.  Please continue to visit our website for updates.



Please print, fill out and send to: 

14666 Wiley Street

San Leandro, CA 94579

Or print, fill out, scan, and send to:


What to PackVolunteer_files/To%20Pack.doc

FAQs answer questions about travel insurance, necessities while in Guatemala, and any questions that your parent may have regarding the trip. 

Field Expedition FlyerVolunteer_files/GHP%20Borders%20Flyer.pdf

*Must be a US citizen

*Must have show proof of Passport before travel

*Must be at least 18 years of age

*Must demonstrate intermediate level of Spanish


GHP allows volunteers to assist with medical consultations, work along side the local nurse in the community clinic, and visit the surrounding hospitals and child nutrition programs.  Volunteers are trained the use over-the-counter medicines from the GHP pharmacy, alternative local home medicines, hygiene, sanitation, and cycles of disease.  Volunteers are expected to use their training to design and facilitate disease awareness and prevention classes for the communities and schools.

Global Healthcare Project       14666 Wiley Street, San Leandro CA 94579   650.743.2483

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GHP offers volunteers the opportunity to work with the community and initiate new programs.  Volunteers have initiated projects such as: a waste management program, Public Health Fair and a family planning course at the local high school.  In addition, volunteers are assigned to existing GHP projects based upon their interest and experience. 

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